Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Sponsorship Opportunity

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, our funds support various services and missions, including The Metta Human System, a core course retreat. Donations aid in providing opportunities for veterans, their families, and those facing financial hardship to join our program.

Through our Sponsorship Program, veterans or their families receive sponsorship, covering up to 80% of the cost. Additionally, our Financial Hardship Sponsorship allows at-risk veterans to attend at no cost with our “pay-it-forward” program, ensuring accessibility to our transformative program.

The money we recieve as a 501(c)3 nonprofit goes to many services we provide, as well as in support of other causes that help support our mission. Although we allocate money for a wide range of services we provide, The Metta Human System is one of our core course retreats that help fund our mission. Below is a brief example of how we utilize donations to help veterans, their families and those in financial hardship to join our program.

Veteran Sponsorship Program:

  • For every 25 fully paid memberships, up to 15 veterans or veteran family members receive a sponsorship:
    • Up to 50% of the cost for 15 attendees
    • Up to 80% of the cost for 10 attendees
    • Cost as low as $300 to attend

Financial Hardship Sponsorship:

  • For each cycle of 25 fully paid memberships, up to 5 veterans in financial hardship can receive a fully paid sponsorship each 12-week cycle.