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Adam Rodriguez
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Spirituality, Mindfulness & Discipline

Hi, I'm Adam Rodriguez.

I am focused on providing people with the tools, knowledge, and practices to navigate their personal journey. I guide them in finding balance, allowing a focus on their path of service and self-realization.





Purpose Driven


My Origins

From Triumph to Trauma: The Journey to Self

From age 12, my martial arts journey began, practicing various disciplines intensively throughout high school—3-4 hours, 4-5 days per week. I trained in TDK, BJJ, boxing, Muay Thai, JKD, Kali, CSW, and more. Tactical firearms training started at 13. Early on, I envisioned a lifelong path as a martial artist, military service, or police, followed by a career in MMA and eventually opening gyms.

At 18, I joined the Marine Corps, deploying five times in six years. Despite a successful MMA career (9-2 record), a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2008 altered my plans. Unable to handle deployment stress post-TBI, I left the Marines in 2012, realizing a regular job was no longer feasible. The only path forward, whether in business or another, promised its own challenges.

Beginning from the End

From Trauma to Triumph: The Uphill Journey

During a 2008 deployment in Sangin, Afghanistan, a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) altered my life. Battling frustration, anger, suicidal thoughts, and deep depression for over 13 years, I refused to let these circumstances define me. In 2011, a year before leaving the Marine Corps, I started a business despite my uncertainties. Suffering from severe fatigue due to the brain injury, I realized a traditional job would strain my mental health. I struggled for many years not understanding how to overcome my circumstances.

After the 2020 lockdown, I returned full throttle. I said to myself, "it's now or never." In 2021, I grew a marketing firm that generated a culmination of over $7.5 million in sales through 3 different companies in less than 12 months. Despite my initial burdens, I turned them into gifts, learning to achieve more in less time. The brain injury revealed the truth about leverage in business. After those big achievements I realized it was never about the money, I now knew what it felt like to have more money than I know how to spend, I had a deeper realization that there is more t this place than I had originally been conscious of.

The Journey Ahead

Starting Over... Again

At the beginning of 2023 I closed down the marketing firm to spend focused time on figuring out what I am actually here to do. My heart wasn't in my previous business anymore, it became all about the money and that wasn't something I desired to become. So, I spent all of 2023 sitting in silence, in contemplation, of what I am supposed to be doing. I kid you not, I mediated more in 2023 than I had ever, in any form, in my entire life.

Money is great and all, but I was seeking a deeper purpose, something that is of me and only me. I realized that if I could create something I could do for free and for the rest of my life, that would be what I would do. Over the course of about 9 months, and truly the culmination of my life, I developed what I believe is my current life's purpose. And, you are here witnessing it as you read this now.


The Perfect Nature of All Things

What started as a burden—suffering from a traumatic brain injury, major depression, suicidal thoughts, high fatigue, and really every symptom possible—became my gift.

I took what could have been my biggest excuse to not succeed, to stay stuck, to be lazy, to feel less-than, and I learned how to use it to my advantage. A lifetime of discipline helped me push through to free myself more and more over time with each waking moment. Looking back I've realized that every moment--the struggle, the pain, the hardships--throughout my life has been perfectly timed to build myself into who I am today.

This is the next chapter in my story. I don't know how many chapters it been, or how many there will be, and honestly it really doesn't matter. What matter is what we I do next.

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Spirituality, Mindfulness & Discipline

My new non-profit was established in 2024, showcasing our commitment to providing innovative coaching services in the fields of mindfulness, fitness, nutrition and spirituality.

I have 24 years of experience in coaching in groups and 1-on-1. This extensive experience has allowed us to refine our methodologies, strategies, and frameworks to effectively support people on their journey and help align them with their purpose.

What Makes Us Different:

Adam's coaching takes a holistic approach, combining practical business strategies with spiritual principles to help you create a conscious business that aligns with your values and purpose.
With 24 years of experience, we have a proven track record of success. I have helped many people improve their overall lifestyle: reducing suffering, mindfulness, more inner peace, discipline practices, fitness, nutrition and home life. Demonstrating our expertise and effectiveness in delivering tangible results.

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