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Adam Rodriguez
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Hi, I'm Adam Rodriguez.

I am focused on showing people how to master the art of business ownership. Whether it's a full-time business, or a side gig, the power of owning a business can afford us the financial harmony we desire.





Purpose Driven


Beginning from the End

From Trauma to Triumph: The Journey Back Home

Over 15 years ago, back in 2008, during my deployment in Afghanistan's Sangin, I sustained a life-altering Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It left me weakened and distant from who I was. For over 13 years, I battled frustration, anger, suicidal thoughts, and deep depression. And, as hard as that all was, I didn't allow these circumstances to define me. After a couple years of rediscovering myself, trying to understand my new life, I began to redirect my energy into crafting a fresh life vision.

In 2011, about a year before exiting the Marine Corps in late 2012, I played with the idea of starting a business. I ended up starting a small business, and it wasn't because I was too good for a job or gung-ho about entrepreneurship. I simply knew that I couldn't work a regular job after getting out of the Marines. In fact, I had no idea what I was doing and was extremely nervous about whether I could make any business work.

My major concerns were the fact that I suffered from many symptoms from the brain injury, and one of the major ones to impact me was the extreme fatigue I would experience day-to-day. I only had about 3-4 hours per day, at most, to fully function. When I would push myself too far beyond that, I would pay for it by experiencing even higher levels of fatigue for the following few days, and sometimes up to a few weeks. It would lead to extreme brain fog, confusion, lots of irritability, and often weight loss.

The Journey Ahead

Breaking Through Limitations

I knew that any full-time job I would decide to do would put a massive strain on my brain and body, and ultimately my mental health. I knew something had to change. I knew I had to go back to the business idea and make something of it.

The business I started in 2011 I didn't do much with for a couple of years, but I stayed active because I would occasionally earn money from the minimal effort I would engage in. This helped me begin to realize that there may be some bigger and greater potential here with having a business than I had originally realized.

In late 2013, I began to engage and go all-in. Over that time, even with my limited time, I learned from the best. I read the books, took the courses, and took all the action I could. Often times I would end up crashing, trying to work as hard as my old self. With these hardships came my understanding of the timeframes I had to work with before I would energetically, emotionally, and physically crash. This is when I began to realize I only had about 3-4 hours each day to fully function.

Between 2013 and 2016 I developed a system that capitalized on my limited work hours, fostering gradual growth and generating multiple 6-figures annually by 2014. Following the impact of the 2020 lockdown, I was ready to come back full throttle. In 2021, my system underwent a stringent test, involving six months to build a team and foundation. By 2022, I grew a two different companies to over $7.5 million in revenue collectively in less than 12 months. Along with that I developed two 7-figure earners, multiple people who earned 6-figures, and over a dozen people who earned an average of $40,000 on a part-time basis.


The Perfect Nature of All Things

What started as a burden—suffering from a traumatic brain injury, major depression, suicidal thoughts, high fatigue, and really every symptom possible—became my gift.

I took what could have been my biggest excuse to not succeed, to stay ordinary, to be lazy, to feel less-than, and I used it to my advantage. I learned how to achieve more in less time, and faster than what 99% of businesses typically accomplish.

I discovered the truth about leverage in business. I now understood how to get compounding results from the same effort over time, and I credit those discoveries to the brain injury. If I would have never experienced that, my life would be completely different, and possibly not even what I would have wanted.

My story is just beginning. I have so much more I want to share with people. I want to show people they can do this and more. I am here to positively influence as many lives as possible, igniting a spark in people to transform their dream lifestyle into a living reality.

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Conscious Business & Entrepreneurship

My new company was established in 2023, showcasing our commitment to providing innovative coaching services in the field of business growth and legacy building.

I have 24 years of experience in coaching in groups and 1-on-1. This extensive experience has allowed us to refine our methodologies, strategies, and frameworks to effectively support entrepreneurs in achieving their business growth and personal development goals.

What Makes Us Different:

Adam emphasizes the importance of mindset mastery in achieving success. He provides tools and techniques to help you overcome limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and fear, enabling you to step into your full potential.
Adam's coaching takes a holistic approach, combining practical business strategies with spiritual principles to help you create a conscious business that aligns with your values and purpose.
With 24 years of experience, we have a proven track record of success. I have helped numerous entrepreneurs scale their businesses, and helped people enhance their personal growth, improving overall lifestyle including: time management, fitness, nutrition and home life. Demonstrating our expertise and effectiveness in delivering tangible results.
Adam shares practical strategies and proven methodologies that he has used to build multiple successful businesses, ensuring you have actionable steps to implement and drive growth in your own venture.
We believe in the power of authenticity and embracing one's true self. By amplifying their unique qualities and values, our clients can have a greater impact on their businesses and attract ideal clients who align with their mission and vision.
We have mastered the art of conscious entrepreneurship, which sets us apart from our competition. Our coaching approach goes beyond traditional business coaching by integrating mindfulness, personal development, and ethical practices into our strategies. We emphasize the importance of aligning business goals with personal values and creating a positive impact on society.

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