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When we are looking to take our business to the next level we have to either figure out how to work more hours, or learn how to leverage time to become more efficient.

The goal of a business is to become a cash flowing asset. To go from working "in" the business to working "on" the business. Getting to a point where you can work less, or even take time off, and keep earning money because your business is now set up to work for you.

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The 18-Month System

When it comes to propelling your business forward, you face a crucial choice: toil endlessly or master the art of time management for amplified productivity. Our tested '18 Month System' is designed to grow businesses to 7 and 8-figures and beyond. We guide businesses towards growth in a predictable, sustainable, and stable manner.

The ultimate goal? Convert your business into a revenue-generating dynamo. Shift from being deeply immersed 'in' the business to leading it from a strategic vantage point. Envision the freedom of working less or indulging in well-deserved breaks, all while your business thrives autonomously, tirelessly working on your behalf.

Our battle-tested methods empower you to realize the full potential of your enterprise. By streamlining operations and implementing smart workflows, we pave the way for a future where your business operates seamlessly to guarantee your success. Witness the transformation as your business evolves into a self-sustaining powerhouse, leaving you with more time, more freedom, and increased revenue. Don't just manage your business – let it work for you!

As your strategic partner, we provide the tools to establish a rock-solid foundation for your business. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or brand new to the game, our system is designed with you in mind. Apply below to work with us and take your business to soaring new heights!

Not All Businesses Are Created Equally

Understanding Your Opportunity

In the world of business, strategic choices are paramount. It begins with industry selection - opt for one that's not just thriving, but trending. This choice provides a foundation for sustained growth and adaptability in a dynamic market.

Equally vital is choosing a product or service that meets real-world needs. A solution-oriented offering ensures its relevance and demand in the marketplace. Solve problems, and you'll secure a steady flow of clientele.

Furthermore, consider industries that are not just growing, but poised for expansion. This choice opens doors to a multitude of opportunities, enabling your business to flourish organically.

Ultimately, these decisions lay the groundwork for a thriving enterprise. Don't settle for mediocrity; make the choices that set your business on a trajectory of prosperity. Remember, the right industry and product selection are the cornerstones of a successful venture.

The Visionary Paradox

Getting to $1m is Simple

Scaling a business brings a surprising bottleneck: it's not leads, but people. Most businesses face a significant challenge when aiming for substantial growth.

Reaching the million-dollar mark often involves selling one project through one proven channel, be it organic or paid traffic. Yet, the leap from seven figures to multiple seven figures hinges on creating an operational framework for replicating results and systems.

As a seasoned visionary, I've navigated all three stages across various industries. Through coaching numerous visionaries, I've found that, more often than not, the bottleneck rests with the visionary. The paradox being that the visionary is both the expansiveness of what's possible and the reason why expansion can become impossible. Visionaries need a team to grow beyond the limits even they thought were possible.

The ultimate challenge lies in managing people effectively. People are your greatest asset, and by understanding how to team build, identify talent and placing people in their strengths within your business can be the difference between growth and stagnation.

Real World Testimony

We Exist for You

Over the past 18 months, the '18-month System' blueprint has created more than a dozen six figure earners. And, these businesses have gone on to show people how to do the same by duplicating our tested system. Impact like this can reach tremendously far when we work together.

One of our clients whom we took from $950k to $7M+ found the biggest growth when he placed an integrator that was able to duplicate results better than him so he could focus on creating bigger opportunities for the business. As a visionary being both the face of the business and CEO is detrimental.

That’s why with the '18-month System', 80% of the time will be spent in people building. Once you create the foundation of your business, it's the responsibility of the owner and visionary to focus time on building the people on their team to begin scaling to new heights. Because after all, a business doesn't build a business, people build the business. Focus on building (mentoring) people and people will build the business.

Retail Profits

• Use your personalized e-commerce website to share with customers to buy online.

• You can also purchase products at wholesale and resell them directly to customers for retail profit.

• Build a network of Customers and get paid on their orders placed within your business organization.

• Have fun, make the world a happier and healthier place, grow with your community, and share top-tier products.

Build a Business

• Grow your business and increase your income by building a team.

• Get a Fast Start Bonus from new businesses you help launch, and earn override commissions on those sales.

• Receive special incentives and bonuses as you achieve higher ranks.

• The Lifestyle Bonus – additional income to pay off debt, invest, and build your legacy.