Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Heroes of Agape Podcast

Sergio Saenz and I are hosts of the Heroes of Agape Podcast (HOAP), which is an extension of the Agape Heroes, a pending 501(c)3. The podcast is focused on creating conversations around veterans support, scared entheogens and plant medicines, and education. HOAP is here to bring into the light that these scared, ancient medicines may potentially be a great alternative and a way to access natural and safe methods that have been used for 1,000s of years for healing.

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HOAP Podcast Episodes

Sergio and Adam Heroes of Agape Podcast

Episode 001

In this episode, Sergio & Adam introduce the future of HOAP, the Agape Heroes Program & announce the evolution of their scholarship program for veterans and first responders!

Heroes of Agape Podcast

Episode 002

In this episode of Heroes of Agape, Adam shares his account for being electrocuted as a Marine causing a severe brain injury, and Sergio shares the obstacles he faced in pretending there is nothing wrong with him.

Heroes of Agape Podcast

Episode 003

In his episode, CMSgt Jeremy Hardy, USAF Pararescue Retired, shares his journey in overcoming PTSD, alcoholism, depression and suicidal ideation with the aid of ayahuasca and support from the Agape Heroes Program for veterans and first responders.

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