Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Metta Alliance Partnership

Active Members & Graduates receive an abundance of benefits

We are The Metta Alliance Partnership

Metta Alliance Partnership is a 501(c)3 focused on providing mental health, mindfulness, fitness, nutrition and support to veterans and their families. Although we have a focus on veterans, all people from all walks of life are welcome to our community.

All programs and retreat enrollments include a lifetime membership to the The Metta Alliance Partnership. For monthly contributors, they will also receive discounts on all retreats and events, as well as special access to private members-only courses and training that is reserved for our contributing members.

All graduates have the opportunity to work directly with us at Metta Alliance Partnership to assist in facilitating courses, retreats and events. Depending on the level of training and experience, we have both volunteer and paid positions available.

Free Member Benefits

Free member benefits include:

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Monthly Contribution Benefits

Monthly contribution benefits include:

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Metta Human System Graduate Benefits

Metta Human System benefits include:

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