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Adam Rodriguez

Are you a Conscious Entrepreneur? The Future of Society

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The Journey of a Conscious Entrepreneur

When someone decides they want to work with Adam they must understand it is not for the faint of heart. And, neither is being a conscious entrepreneur.

The Journey of a Conscious Entrepreneur is not just about becoming a successful entrepreneur. Or doing it in an ethical way. It’s inquiring into the depths of our being to dissolve what is no longer serving us, and uncovering what we believe to be a burden as our greatest teachers. I am here for those seeking to align their business ambitions with their spiritual values. Through this work we can realize our truest nature and serve in our highest capacities while ensuring we maintain our mental and physical health with a powerful self-care routine.

What is a Conscious Entrepreneur?

A Conscious Entrepreneur is someone who is fully aware and conscious of the impact they are imprinting onto the world through their business. Conscious of both positive and negative, truly aware of what they are doing. A conscious entrepreneur is aware of the morals compass they follow in both their life and business. They pay attention to how they service their customers. And, they understand the ripple they are spreading each and every day into society while pursing free enterprise.

People take entrepreneurship for granted, because after all the U.S.A. is the land of the free. But, freedom is only earned through discipline, it is not innately ours without first becoming more aware and conscious of our own beingness. Becoming aware of our conscious experience allows us to be more aware of ourselves and how we conduct business, personally and professional, to ensure we are creating a net positive effect as we live in this enteral moment.

Let me take a moment to share my story

Fifteen years ago in 2008, I suffered a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) while deployed overseas on my 4th deployment in the Marine Corps. The injury left me debilitated and unable to work, functioning in daily life became extremely difficult. For 13 years I battled frustration, anger, suicidal tendencies and severe depression.

I’m unsure what kept me going, what kept me alive, but I’m not complaining. Now, I’m here and extremely grateful for the opportunity to live life from a new perspective. Through sheer will, I was somehow able to learn valuable lessons over the past 15 years living with a severe TBI.

A major lesson discovered

A major lesson I discovered is what I believe most people are looking for in their own lives. The difference in my journey is that I was forced to figure this out to bring some sort of purpose back into my life. For years, and still to this day, I have a limited time to full function. I experience high fatigue often, and typically by around 1-2pm I am completely spent already. Because of that I had to learn how to accomplish more in less time.

In 2022 I put my lessons to the test. I grew a brand new company I founded from zero to a staggering 5.5 million dollars in revenue in less than 12 months.

I had figured out the 4-5 hour workday. I built a $5m+ company working an average of 5 hours per day. Some days I work less, occasionally I’ll work more if needed. Typically I work right around 4-5 hours per day 4-5 days per week to ensure I don’t overburden my brain into experiencing excess fatigue.

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Waking up to reality

What I’ve come to understand is that if I have to do this to live a happy life with my limited energetic time. I can show people how to do the same who either are living busy lives that want to develop new sources of income. Or, for those looking for any exit from an already busy career into something they can enjoy more.

And guess what? I have already tested the system for years, and last year I broke my own records.

I’m not perfect, I share my years of experience to show you that I’m not here to blow smoke up… anywhere. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I’ve profited from the successes. I am simply here to show people how to accelerate their learning curve as an entrepreneur.

In 2022, with my system, I developed two million dollar earners and multiple 6-figure earners. I have helped households across the U.S. develop new streams of income to their financial portfolio. These small groups of people stood up the tests. Few people are prepared to follow my system to it’s fullest capacity and to do what is necessary in business. Those that do net amazing results.

Are you open to new opportunities?

You are invited you to learn more about how I show entrepreneurs how they can develop the income they desire. Some people focus on active income with my system. Others have a strong focus on recurring income, and many desire both. You get to pick what you want out of the my tested system. Maybe It’s for you, maybe it’s not. You can only know if you walk through the (internet) door and check it out yourself. Click HERE to learn more.

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